Radical Heights Dev Boss Key Productions Is No Longer Operational

By Intan Mawarni on May 16, 2018

Boss Key Productions, the developer of Lawbreakers and Radical Heights, is the latest studio to bite the dust. The founder Cliff Bleszinski announced the studio “is effectively no more.”

He announced the closure via Twitter along with further explanation about the studio’s internal struggle after the arena shooter Lawbreakers “unfortunately failed to gain traction.”

The Steam Early Access battle royale Radical Heights was “a last ditch attempt” to make it a strong comeback for the studio. While the game garnered a lot of attention from Steam and Twitch, Bleszinski cited that “it was too little too late.”

Lawbreakers is defying the laws of shooter games but failed to bring players into the game.
Lawbreakers is defying the laws of shooter games but failed to bring players into the game.

The servers for Radical Heights will not be ceased immediately but it “will remain up for the near future,” said the founder.

With the studio’s closure, Bleszinski withdrew himself from making video games for a while. He also expressed his utmost gratitude to those who have supported him and his studio for four years.

You can read Bleszinski’s full statement below:

Fresh out of the oven a month ago, Boss Key’s Radical Heights was able to compete against two battle royale giants: Fortnite and PUBG. With its radical aesthetics, maps and unique traversal options, the futuristic game show grabbed many players’ attention but the game slowly lost its magic at the time of our early access impressions

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