Qualifiers For DOTA 2 Asia Pacific Predator League 2018 Will Commence This Weekend With RM55,000 Prize Pool Up For Grabs

By Kurtis Chan on Oct 30, 2017

The region's biggest world-class gaming tournament, Asia Pacific Predator League 2018 is coming next year and the qualifiers will take place this weekend. With more than three months of DOTA 2 action, hundreds of teams from countries in the Asia Pacific like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, India, and Hong Kong will be taking part in this event for a shot at the $150,000 total prize pool.

The qualifiers for the Predator League will be conducted in every country involved and it is estimated to last for approximately three months until January 2018. For the Malaysian qualifiers, there will be two Open Online Qualifying rounds- the first one will be happening this weekend, on 4-5 November 2017, whereas the second qualifier will take place a week later on 11-12 November.  The winners for both of these qualifiers will be fighting it out at the Malaysian Grand Finals in Mid Valley Megamall on 25-26 November 2017 for a prize poll of RM55,000.

"We are very excited for Malaysia to be part of the Predator League. It provides an avenue for gaming pro and enthusiasts here to pit their talents and sharpen their skills as they progress onto regional championships. We hope this gaming tournament will nurture even more vibrancy in the growing esports scene in Malaysia," said Chan Weng Hong, General Manager of Products, Sales and Marketing, Acer Malaysia.

For Malaysian DOTA 2 players who thinks that have what it takes to take a shot at the USD150,000 final prize pool and the local qualifier prize pool of RM55,000, you can register your team via this link: http://bit.ly/2yQGo8B. More information of the tournament like the rules, schedule, prize pool breakdown, and more can be found in this link as well or you can visit the Predator League website.

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