Quake Champions reveals stealthy champion Nyx, closed beta sign-ups available

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 9, 2017

Multiplayer arena shooters were popping up again before World War 2 ones did, but many didn't seem to catch on with the gaming populace. That probably won't be the case with the upcoming Quake Champions, which dropped a closed beta announcement trailer and a Champion trailer the next day. Talk about speed, eh?

So, the closed beta first. It's pretty simple - just head over to the website and click on the beta sign-up button near the top right corner to enter your email. You'll also have to acknowledge that you're over 18 and that you want to received some news from Bethesda, and then you're done. Unfortunately there's no date yet, but it'll be available in the "coming weeks". And if you happen to be at PAX East at the Boston Convention Centre you can give it a try at the Bethesda Booth. If not, there's the two recently released trailers to watch.

The Champion trailer shows off Nyx the Fathom Agent, who's the only "waifu"-like character in the game's roster and has a stealthy power called Ghost Walk. With it, Nyx enters another dimension, which renders her invisible and immune to any form of damage. She'll also instantly kill any enemy who's standing at the spot where she materializes, so better watch where she's/you're headed.

That's her active ability. What the trailer shows but her profile doesn't describe is her passive ability, which is called Wall Jump. No need to explain that one, right?

The website currently shows seven other Champion portraits, and the dates included with them indicates that Bethesda will drop a gameplay trailer for each of them every week. For next week, we can expect to see the hullking, glowy-eyed Scalebearer. There's another Champion that's "coming soon" and has no picture at all, while only Nyx has her stats and ability available for viewing.

The next video, due to be released soon, will showcase Quake Champion's first arena, Blood Covenant.

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