Puzzle-platformer Rime re-revealed as multi-platform title, coming to Nintendo Switch as well

By Melvyn Tan on Jan 4, 2017

Image source: Tequila Works
Image source: Tequila Works

First shown to the world during Gamescom 2013, fantasy puzzle-platformer Rime has released a "re-reveal gameplay trailer" to remind us that it's still alive and kicking, and looking good as well. Courtesy of IGN First, the two-minute long trailer shows its young protagonist on a fantastical island that might be worth exploring indeed. There're also giant winged creatures, creepy hooded figures and balls with legs. Yes, there are balls with legs.

Some commenters have said that the re-reveal trailer looks less cel-shaded than previous trailers, the newest of which was from 2014, but the most noticeable change is that the game is no longer a PS4 exclusive. Instead, it'll also be coming to PC, Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch. 

I'd never been very interested in Switch, but Rime's availability on the platform has changed that a little. The idea of doing playing at home and seamlessly continuing your exploration outside with the Switch's portable form sounds pleasant, especially with Rime's simple yet fairly grand appearance. 

The premise of the game - much of which is shown or suggested in the trailer as well - is that a young boy gets shipwrecked on a mysterious island after a torrential storm, and must "decipher the challenges and secrets of an expansive world strewn with rugged terrain, wild creatures and the crumbling ruins of a long-forgotten civilization". Adding to the intrigue and epic feel, Rime promises "subtle narrative, colorful artwork and a sweeping score" complete with "a meaningful journey filled with discovery".

If you're curious about the previous trailers, I've included them below. Spoilers: the 2014 one has more balls with legs.

There's no exact release date yet, but we can expect to start exploring Rime's island sometime this year.

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