Putting the fist in Doomfist, Overwatch player makes custom Doomfist motion controller

By Dale Bashir on Jul 11, 2017

Talk about dedication, ATwerkingYoshi, previously known for playing Dark Souls 3 with a Rock Band drum controller, has made a working glove peripheral to play the brand new Overwatch character, Doomfist. Emulating Doomfist's massive gauntlet weapon, this controller uses the Wiimote as it's base with a nunchuk for movement. 

On Reddit, ATwerkingYoshi says:

"It's been a while since I've made a controller to play a game. This time I wired up a boxing glove and used the wii-mote's motion controls to play Doomfist! The idea is simple: Throw a punch, punch in game. Uppercut, uppercut in game! Flail around and you might do some weird combo hahaha!"

Image source: ATwerkingYoshi's Imgur page
Image source: ATwerkingYoshi's Imgur page

Using the Wiimote's built in accelerometer, which provides for great motion tracking, ATwerkinYoshi was able to program all of Doomfist's punching moves, which are Rising Uppercut, Seismic Slam and Rocket Punch, into motion activated moves. For example, making a real uppercut with your fist activates Rising Uppercut while pulling back your fist activates Rocket Punch. There are also three wires within the glove that activates his Ultimate, his primary fire and jumping. The nunchuk on his left hand is used for aiming.

You can find ATwerkingYoshi and his weird methods of gaming on his Twitch channel, The Super Scrubs. Here's hoping for someone to control Pharah with a working jetpack someday.

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