PUBG Southeast Asia Championship Is Here!

By Yue Lynn on Apr 26, 2018

With the rise of battle royale games, one of these titles, namely the world-famous and much-talked-about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has started their quest for esports world domination! Yes, aside from competing against rivals such as the popular Fortnite and the newly-announced Radical Heights, PUBG decided to up the ante by taking their competition to the esports arena for some real battles.

Despite initial concerns that PUBG isn’t ready for the world of esports, ASUS Republic of Gamers and MET had partnered up to organise the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship. This tournament is looking for the best squads from six countries via five qualifiers. After the aforementioned qualifiers are done and dusted, teams will proceed to the national qualifiers of each country. Subsequently, “the top squads from each country's national qualifier will head on to the SEA Finals in Thailand on June 23-24, 2018 to get a shot at being crowned the best SEA squad,’ according to the press release.

As this tournament is officially sanctioned by the PUBG Corp, the champion will walk away with an opportunity to represent Southeast Asia in the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 tournament, which will be held in Berlin, Germany from 25th July to 29th July wherein a prize loot of USD2 million is up for the taking!

The championship qualifiers had commenced back in 14th April  2018 so here is the rest of the tournament schedule:

National Qualifiers

Philippines: 5th May - 3rd June

Indonesia: 28th April  – 13th May

Malaysia/Singapore: 5th May – 27th May

Thailand: 7th May – 10th June

Vietnam: 12th May –  3rd June

National Finals

Philippines: 9th-10th June

Indonesia: 19th-20th May

Malaysia/Singapore: TBA

Thailand: 22nd June

Vietnam: 16th June

Regional Finals

Thailand: 23th-24th

So will any of you be joining this tournament for a piece of the chicken dinner?

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