PUBG Mobile x Mission Impossible: Fallout Lets You Become An IMF Agent

By Intan Mawarni on Jul 31, 2018

The latest 0.7.0 update of PUBG Mobile introduces players to a whole new War Mode and the establishment of Clan system. But imagine my surprise when I had to download another 14MB to hear the Mission: Impossible music theme playing in the game menu. In conjunction with the Mission Impossible: Fallout movie release, PUBG Mobile partnered up with Paramount Pictures for a limited time Mission Impossible: Fallout event.

Check out the trailer complete with the iconic Mission Impossible theme below:

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to partake in daily events and missions to collect Agent ID. These Agent IDs allow you to redeem various crates like Chicken Dinner BP Crate and 7-day Outfit Crate. Even so, I suggest that instead of getting those crates with Agent IDs, your eyes should be set on the permanent full set of Mission Impossible: Fallout outfit.

The PUBG Mobile x Mission Impossible: Fallout event will run worldwide for a month-long starting today until 30 August. In case you’re wondering, no, Tom Cruise won’t be making a HALO jump in PUBG Mobile but you’re making the jump to get that cool spy clothing.

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