PS4 remake Yakuza Kiwami is heading west this August

By Melvyn Tan on Apr 13, 2017

Yakuza Kiwami, the HD PS4 remake of 2005's Yakuza with the Japanese word for "extreme" tacked on for good measure, is heading to the west on August 29, it has been announced. It will be released both physically and digitally at the price of $29.99/£29.99/€34.99 (RM132.56), with pre-orders and limited first run copies of the former getting a nice SteelBook package (while supplies last). 

The game will offer the chance for fans to reexperience the first tale of series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, who's framed for murder and ends up imprisoned and cast from the yakuza as a result. There's also the matter of his clan's treasury missing ¥10 billion and his childhood sweetheart being missing herself, and the orphan girl Haruka whose aunt has the same name as the aforementioned childhood sweetheart. Throw in "a web of betrayal, underworld politics, and redemption" into the story and it sounds like something that newcomers to the series should check out too.

Indeed, Yakuza Kiwami is stated to be the "ultimate bridge" in the series for completely fresh players and those who started their descent into the Japanese underworld with chronological prequel Yakuza 0. "Veterans will experience a familiar Kamurocho and plot, but with new levels of story depth and graphical polish," the press release says.

Image source: PlayStation Blog
Image source: PlayStation Blog

Said story depth is likely a reference to the "nearly 30 minutes' worth of added cutscenes, while gameplay also gets new additions in the form of distractions, side quests and combat updates. The Japanese dialogue has been re-recorded as well.

The addition that gets a solo mention of its own is the "Majime Everwhere" system, which involves the "deranged, one-eyed maniac" Majime to frequently appear and deliver combat challenges to Kiryu unexpectedly, potentially announcing his presence by "popping out of a goofy costume". I can't decide whether that sounds annoying or entertaining as hell yet.

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