PS4 Pro Gets Cheap

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 10, 2017

Lo and behold console minions, your master is back, and it is now cheaper. By master, of course, I am talking about the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, which has recently seen a wonderful decrease in price. 

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is the upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 as it allows you to play games on a 4K display as well as double the graphics support from its predecessor. So if you have been mulling over when is the best time to get one, it would be now as it is priced at RM 1,499 as part of Heavy Arms  Merdeka promotion. This deal comes with a 1TB unit with 2 years warranty. For comparison, the original pricing for the PS4 Pro is RM 1,799.

Nicolas See Tho
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