Pro Counter-Strike players show nerves of steel in exhibition match suspended 30 feet in the air

By Kin Boon on Jun 6, 2017

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The organizing of eSports stages used to be a rather typical affair, from setups in cyber cafes for your local and regional qualifier, up to a packed out arena with fancy lights and a grand stage for players to battle it out. While the format might not change anything soon, Republic of Gamers decided to do something different for a Counter-Strike exhibition match, by having it take place 30 feet in the air.

The match was a part of ROG’s “Extreme Gaming” event, and it pitted team Penta of Germany and Czech team eXtatus. Their facial expressions might not look like it, but credits to all of them for being sporting enough and displayed “nerves of steel” in completing the match, despite the constant discomfort.

Although there’s a language barrier since none of the players speak English, a Redditor translated a conversation between two commentators to express the general mood of being hoisted 30 feet up in the air:

Commentator 1: “Hey, hey this is really not good. I want to go down.”

Commentator 2: “Higher. Higher!”

Commentator 1: “Shut up! I need to hold on to something but there is nothing I can grab here!”

Commentator 2: “Well at this point I hope we are just a quarter way up. They could get us higher.”

Commentator 1: “Hey you are a... Shut up! You are not helping!”

Team eXtatus won the battle of nerves and claimed victory pretty decisively, which shouldn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, unless some ambitious major tournament organizer plan to make this a permanent thing. Now that will spice things up for the future of eSports.

Source: Kotaku

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