Prepare your wallets for the arrival of Microsoft Project Scorpio, as it’ll cost more than PS4 Pro

By Kin Boon on Apr 7, 2017

When Sony launched the PS4 Pro last year, gamers were understandably excited at the prospect of owning a 4k gaming machine. Microsoft didn’t disappoint their fans as they are releasing a similarly capable console, Project Scorpio and as much as we look forward to its launch at the end of this year, prospective owners will have to break the bank to afford one.

According to Eurogamer, Project Scorpio is expected to be priced higher than PS4 Pro. This revelation came after their interview with the corporate VP of Xbox at Microsoft, Mike Ybarra who stated that Project Scorpio is for “that premium customer, the gamer that expects the absolute best version of the games”.

It is a huge statement from Microsoft as they are banking on the Scorpio to out-muscle the PS4 Pro, and judging from the specs released yesterday, the tech giant might gain an upper hand against Sony this time around. "We have to win the hearts and minds of developers," said Ybarra. "We have to have the right toolset that lets them bring out their games across the whole family of products and let them create the absolute best versions of those games."

The PS4 Pro is currently retailing for $579 in the US, and Project Scorpio is expected to be priced at $599. We’ll most likely get a confirmation from Microsoft at their E3 panel in June, and we can also expect to see game presentations showcasing the Scorpio’s full capabilities.

Source: VG 24/7

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