Predicting the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals With FIFA 18

By Dale Bashir on Jul 13, 2018


The FIFA World Cup has gotten the whole world hyped up on football fever once more. It was an exciting tournament, with a lot of underdog teams proving themselves to be worthy of being in the World Cup this time around. None truly fits this description more than Croatia, who managed to get themselves to the finals against France, a notoriously good team who won the World Cup exactly 20 years ago.


Now we here at Gamehubs are definitely gamers first, so we tend to skip real-life sports for virtual ones. Nonetheless, with our friends and family vigilantly watching the World Cup day by day, we decided to put our hats in the ring and see if we could predict the outcome of the upcoming FIFA World Cup finals. And how do we do that? By using the totally accurate football simulator, FIFA 18, of course.


FIFA 18 was updated the minute the World Cup started so it was definitely up-to-date with its players and statistics. We loaded up the game and tried our best to emulate the upcoming match; setting the match to night time, setting the venue to Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. We didn’t know what exact formations and starting players the actual teams were going to use so we did our best and just settled for the presets.

 The methodology to get our FIFA 18 prediction: play 5 bot vs bot games and rounding off the outcome in the end. We decided on bots playing as biased staff members playing would’ve been cheating, and a total of 5 times to be in line with qualitative research methods. It may not be 100% accurate, but we tried to get the best prediction possible.


The first match went off without a hitch with France taking the lead with a 3 - 1 victory. It was a mild game, no red cards or yellow cards, just a clean match with a 52% ball possesion to Croatia.


The second match ended with Croatia winning this time around, with a 1 - 2 victory. Despite an offside right as the second half started, Croatia pulled through with a rousing play with a score by midfield superstar, Luka Modric.

The third match ended full time with a draw, and since a World Cup Final cannot end in a draw, we proceeded with the penalty shootout. France got the lead again with Antoine Griezmann scoring the winning shot.


Both the fourth and fifth matches ended similarly, with a 1 - 0 lead from France in the first-half that led them to victory as the whistle blew. French players Thomas Lemar and Paul Pogba scoring each score respectively.

Once all matches were played, we tabulated our data and the final results were… 2 - 1. Through our “totally accurate” simulation, we predict that France will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final, making it their second World Cup win since 1998. We hope you all enjoyed our little experiment, feel free to try it out yourselves and comment on who you think will really win the World Cup Finals!

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