Possible First Images of the PS4 Slim Leaked

By Ivan Cheong on Aug 22, 2016

A redesigned and slimmer looking PlayStation 4 system has recently surfaced online sparking a discussion on whether this is the new PS4 Slim model from Sony. 

The system unit design seems like a couple of tweaks were made to the original full sized design. Aside from its thinner body, the edges are now rounded and it's a lot less angular. Images on the box points out that the slimmer PS4 seems to originate from European or Arabic regions. More image on the box also indicates that the unit has 500GB of hard drive. Besides its size, other noticeable hardware differences is the apparent removal of the PS4's optical port. 

 Sony recently has announced that a new configuration of the PS4, codenamed 'Neo', is expected to arrive later this year but did suggest how it the design would look like. It is currently unknown if this unit is the new Neo or just an updated look for the old model, like they did with PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim.  


A media event scheduled for 3 p.m ET on September 7th by Sony will unveiled the new Neo model.



Source: Polygon

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