Popular MMO Strategy Mobile Title, Crystal of Re:union kicks off its pre-registration

By Kurtis Chan on Sep 29, 2017

Gumi Inc, the Singapore based Game Developers recently revealed the global trailer of their latest mobile game title, Crystal of Re:union. A pre-registration event was launched in conjunction with the announcement of the game as well.

Crystal of Re:union was initially released only in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macau. After hitting the one million downloads milestone, the game is slated to be released in a host of territories in the Southeast Asian and Oceania regions within the final quarter of 2017.

The pre-registration event has started since September 11, and players who are interested can pre-register their e-mail address at the Crystal of Re:union's pre-registration webpage. You will receive an e-mail notification when the English version of the game is officially launched.

Besides that, players can also participate in the following Pre-registration Activities for added fun and perks:

  • Join the Pre-Registration Milestone Campaign and help unlock the following Pre-Registration Milestones Reward Tiers:
    • 2k Registrants: 500 Gold
    • 5k Registrants: 1,500 Gold and 10k Aura Restoration x 20
    • 10k Registrants: 2,000 Gold and Speed Up (30 mins) x 10
    • 20k Registrants: 2,500 Gold and 1h ATK vs Monster 50% UP x 5
    • 30k Registrants: 3,500 Gold, 10k Aura Restoration x 30, Speed Up (30 mins) x 30, Legendary Sword Balmung x 1
      Contribute efforts and help spread the word to collectively achieve the highest reward tier. The milestone rewards will be rewarded to all players as starting gifts!
  • Try your hands at the “Crystal of Re:union - Quest for Mythril” Mini Game, created exclusively for all pre-registered participants to enjoy and get a glimpse of the Crystal of Re:union!
    Set in Midgard, players take control of the sweet but serious Claudia in this Mini Game. Help her slay the monsters she encounters to collect the precious resources and try to get her to reach level 10!


  • Be acquainted with the six Legendary Heroes: Claudia, Beowulf, Taira no Masakado, Hercules, Joan of Arc and Cu Chulainn, and vote for your favorite of the six! All players will get a Top-grade Hero Card of the Top Most Voted Hero upon the release of the game!
  • Competitive MMO and strategy game lovers can look forward to fulfilling their fantasy of being the most powerful ruling conqueror of the magnificent world of Midgard. Aided by a legendary hero, players can put to test their strategies as the ruler, and build up and lead their kingdom to defensive and offensive battles against fellow players and powerful epic monsters.

Crystal of Re:union will be available free for download (with in-app purchases) on both iOS and Android platforms when the game launches this quarter. Further updates for the game will be made available at the official website or their Facebook page.

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