Politics and Schemes: Politiko Card Game Hits The Digital Store

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 27, 2018

With the upcoming general election heating up the country, the tongue-in-cheek card game that echoes the political scene in Malaysia called Politiko is scheming their way into the mobile version developed by Centaur Games.

The arrival of Politiko: The Game of Malaysian Politics was greeted by many fans at the launch event in Lit Books yesterday.

The mobile version follows the original card game rules along with a new map to control the disproportionate seats. Players represent their chosen party and have to clash off against a computer-controlled opposing party, so players must use cunning measures such as hire phantom voters, conduct PR stunts and many more to win majority in a general election.

During the launch though, we got to play on a giant physical mock-up for the mobile version to give us a more hands-on experience on the mobile game.

Although there’s a new digital version of Politiko, the new and old fans gathered around by the table to play the cheeky political card game. The first lucky 30 attendees also received a free copy of the Politiko card game.

According to the co-designer of Politiko: The Game of Malaysian Politics Zedeck Siew, the digital version delivers a better experience to demonstrate the current Malaysian political climate. Siew realised that the original card game brought in the fun factor but missed one important factor in winning the seat of Putrajaya.

“We started to think a lot of the malapportionment issue in Malaysia. Malapportionment in the democracy means certain parliament seats that are much bigger or much smaller than other parliament seats. So that means a vote in bigger seat is worth less than the vote in a smaller seat which is a problem.

The board that we designed (in mobile game) reflects that. You may control many voters but still win less seats than your opponent,” explained Siew.

Initially released in 2013, Politiko is a card game that brilliantly mirrors the Malaysian political atmosphere in the heat of general election. You get to represent your party, plan out every scheme possible to get voters on your side and make your way to the top for the coveted seat in Putrajaya.

Loved by many Malaysians, the second version of the card game was released in 2016 which featured further expansion of the seats to Sabah and Sarawak.

Politiko: The Game of Malaysian Politics is available now in Google Play Store while iOS version is still in the planning.

Other than Politiko: The Game of Malaysian Politics, check out these Malaysian games to play while waiting for the grand general election this May 9th. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more exciting video games news.

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