Pokemon Sword & Shield Rival And Evil Team Revealed

By Dale Bashir on Aug 8, 2019

The upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield looks to be the biggest Pokemon game yet. Not only is it the first major console release of the franchise, but it also adds some major mechanics to the battle system, namely with the Dynamax and Gigantamax systems. The Pokemon Company recently released a whole new trailer, showing off some returning features and Pokemon coming back to the series. 

The biggest reveal comes in the two new rival characters and the evil team that players will come across on their journey. The first rival revealed is Bede, who seems to be in line with traditional rivals like Blue and Silver. The second rival revealed also has ties to the evil team of this game, that being Marnie, who seems to be a world-famous trainer. Her diehard fans, Team Yell, will get in your way to make sure Marnie maintains her best trainer position in their eyes. 

The biggest reveal comes in the new Galarian Forms that older Pokemon will have, similar to the Alolan forms that they introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The first Pokemon revealed was Galarian form Weezing, which changes the typing of Weezing into a Poison/Fairy type. Zigzagoon and Linoone from the 3rd generation of Pokemon are returning with new Galarian Forms, changing the perception that only first-generation Pokemon are eligible to get new forms. Lastly, Linoone will get a new evolution, Obstagoon, as well as the mandatory electric rodent every genration has, Morpeko. 

Overall, these new additions seems to spice things up in the Pokemon franchise as a whole. So far, there's still a ton of things that have not been revealed just yet, like the starter Pokemons' first and second evolutions. Hopefully we'll learn more before the release of the game on the 15th of November. 

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