Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Trailer Is Here And We're Scared

By Michelle J. Brohier on Nov 13, 2018

Yes, this is not going to be a very informative piece, but hear me out.

The Detective Pikachu movie is creeping all of us out (save the intern, who thinks it makes sense, and to which the rest of us say "What's wrong with you?!").

Also fair warning, if the trailer creeped you out, you should probably be wary of the still images used here.

There are many ways the Detective Pikachu movie could have been done. It could have done a Roger Rabbit style of animation blending with live action, the movie could have also been completely CGI without the need of live action actors, though yes it's not the best but would at least still be more acceptable than what we actually got in the end.

Even something like this would have been fine?
Even something like this would have been fine?

Instead, we got... this.

To say that we never contemplated how a real life Pokémon would look like would be a lie. There are plenty of fanart and fan creations depicting Pokémon with real life fur or scales and they look hella good. Heck, one of those artists actually worked on the movie! But for some reason the result came out either completely bizarre or downright terrifying. Just... what's happening here? What went wrong?

The Detective Pikachu movie lands in the realm of uncanny valley and it's hard to get over it. It may be the level of fur used, as it looks like they need a trim and are getting in the way a lot. It may be that they tried too hard to look realistic that they look nothing like how we know Pokémon to be. It may just be Ryan Reynolds, heck if I know!

Pikachu looks like he needs a trim and what are those eyes?!
Pikachu looks like he needs a trim and what are those eyes?!

So far the ones we're kind of okay with are the Bulbasaur and Charizard. Guess they can do the scales well enough, not so much the fur. Too bad Mr. Mime looks like something that will be entering our nightmares soon.

Mr. Mime miming our reaction to him
Mr. Mime miming our reaction to him

Whatever it is, there's no stopping the movie from coming next year, May 10 2019. Tell us what are your thoughts! Are you excited, or are you going to give this game to movie adaption a miss?

Be sure to read our review of Detective Pikachu on the 3DS here, which we found to be awesome!

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