Pokémon GO is trying to 'lure' you back in this Valentine!

By Riez on Feb 10, 2017

Are you amongst the few that will occasionally boot up your Pokémon GO? Well this is for you!

Niantic just rolled out a new event update for Pokémon GO in conjunction of Single Awareness Day Valentine's Day. During this event period you'd be able to earn more candies by catching, hatching and transferring Pokémons. Walking with a buddy Pokémon would also earn you candies twice as fast!

Also more Pokémons would be spawned during this event, particularly Pink Pokémons. I swear you could already see the spam of Clefairies if you boot up your game now.

It's not all bad though, more pink Pokémons also mean that you're one step closer to capture those elusive Porygons, Chanseys and Lickitungs! So what  are you waiting for? Go and catch 'em all now!! :)

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