PlayStation Experience 2017: Highlights & Biggest Announcements

By Kin Boon on Dec 10, 2017

Sony held its annual gaming convention, PlayStation Experience over the weekend with latest updates of what the premium console maker has to offer in the future. While past events are filled with hype and excitement, this year’s edition felt slightly underwhelming as it lacks jaw-dropping announcements. With that said, we got to know the latest news from Sony’s highly-anticipated projects, and here are some of the highlights and notable announcements from PSX 2017.  

Death Stranding is not that complicated, if you play the game

Legendary developer Hideo Kojima might not have reins in Metal Gear Solid anymore after falling out with Konami, but his latest project, Death Stranding has already garnered a huge amount of interest. We are nowhere near to understanding what’s going on after the latest trailer unveiled at The Game Awards 2017, but PS4 boss Mark Cenry reassured fans that the storyline will make sense after playing the game.

Detroit: Become Human was demoed live on stage with crowd participation

Following up on its gameplay trailer from Paris Game Week, Quantic Dream took the stage to present a playable demo for Detroit: Become Human. They even changed things up a bit by involving the crowd in decision making, as producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere plays the same sequence from E3 2016, albeit with some new gameplay mechanics.

The Last Guardian offers a free VR experience

If you are looking for new ways to interact with Trico after completing The Last Guardian, a new VR experience for the game will bridge the gap between players and the beloved gigantic dog. The standalone VR version of the critically-acclaimed JRPG won’t require the base game to run, and it’ll available for free on December 12.

WipeOut Omega Collection receives the VR treatment as well

If you want to introduce VR to a beloved franchise, you might as well do it for the others. A virtual reality update will release in early 2018 on WipeOut Omega Collection, allowing players to re-experience all its tracks and modes in VR. Sony will also add new ships and interiors to boost its virtual reality offerings for the game.

God of War will take up at least one full day for completion

With the rising trend of developers focusing more on multiplayer aspects of games to maximize their profits, it’s nice to see there are still studios working on triple-A single player titles. The upcoming God of War promises to be one, and content is aplenty in the game, as it’ll require at least 25-35 hours to complete, said creative director Cory Barlog.

Sony will implement PSN name-changing feature by end of next year

It’s been one of the most common and frequently asked questions for PSN users, and Sony is finally giving a positive answer. According to PlayStation boss Shawn Layden, he hopes the ability for players to change their PSN names will be rolled out before next year’s PSX.

Mega Man enters Monster Hunter: World as a palico buddy

If you are not fond of cats fighting by your side in search of glory and loot, you can opt for an 8-bit Mega Man. The Blue Bomber’s addition to the Monster Hunter franchise might seem weird, and it’s just one of the few collaborations announced by Capcom, on top of the playable Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, exclusively for PlayStation 4 users.

Soul Calibur VI unveils gameplay footage

The latest entry in the Soul Calibur series was a surprising announcement from The Game Awards 2017, and the producer followed that up with new gameplay footage, while discussing in-depth on the new Reversal Edge mechanic.

Insomniac Games shows how they are making Spider-Man

It’s rare for gamers to get hype for a superhero game, but recent trends show there’s a massive spike in terms of quality for such titles, and Spider-Man might achieve the critical-acclaimed status like the Batman: Arkham games. We got a new behind-the-scenes trailer as Insomniac Games explains the ins-and-outs for the makings of this PS4-exclusive title.

Shadow of the Colossus unveils new gameplay trailer and comparison footage

The original game might be more than a decade old, but it’s not letting age to define its legacy, judging from a new comparison trailer showing how the graphics have changed over the new remasters. A 14-minute gameplay footage is also shown to highlight the visual upgrades that fit the processing powers of modern consoles.

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