PlayerUnknown's Battleground Is Set To Be Shut Out Of China

By Kurtis Chan on Oct 30, 2017

The current most popular game, PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) might be facing the ban hammer from China due to the game's content being too bloody and violent.

According to China's CGIGC' post, it seems that the authorities is keeping a close watch on PUBG, as the game displays a large number of bloody and violent content, and the way to win the game is similar to the ancient Roman Gladiator fights. The concept of survival also sets off a serious deviation from the Chinese' socialist core values, traditional culture, and ethical norms, which is why they deemed the game to be unconducive to the physical and mental health of consumers in the younger age group.

Chinese gamers have shown massive interest in playing PUBG but the game has not been approved for distribution. The only way for the Chinese gamers to get their hands on PUBG is only by downloading and running the game via virtual private networks (VPN).

“This basically spells the death sentence for PUBG in China,” said Benjamin Wu, an analyst at Shanghai-based consultancy Pacific Epoch in his statement for Bloomberg. “PUBG’s main problem is that the underlying ideology clashes with what’s preached in China.”


Recently, China's popular mobile MOBA title, Honour of Kings which is published by Tencent, was scrutinized by the leading government newspaper as they claimed that the game is harming children in the pursuit of profit.However, the game survived the ban hammer from the authorities since the characters are cartoonish, while PUBG’s are realistic.

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