Play with Monsters and Kids Stuff in The Sims 4!

By Riez on Jun 28, 2016

Ever since its inception, The Sims 4 has been more adult-centric and had always been lacking with stuffs for kids to do. Fear not my fellow Simmers, for the month of June comes with several new activities for your Sim-spawns. One is coming in the form of a Stuff Pack, while another should already be patched into your game for free. Yes. FREE!

The Sims 4 June 24th patch brings Monsters into your game. We're talking about Monsters Inc's type of monsters. These monsters will sometimes haunt your Sim-kids bed, with all the tentacles and weird noises coming from under their bed. These 'haunting' will only be visible to children, as Sim-teens and above would not be able to see/hear the monster activities. Your Sim-spawns can choose to try chasing it away (either by themselves or by bugging their parents to do so), or they can choose to befriend it. Cute, right?

To learn more about the inclusion of Monsters into the game, you can just read up at The Sims official blog post. To see what other new stuffs and bug fixes done by the patch, you can refer here

As for the other news, The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff pack focused for children is scheduled to be released on June 28th. While most of children's stuffs that ship with the base game looks like they are meant for the younger kiddos, the items and clothes from this pack will be focusing towards a more matured children aka pre-teen. Make no mistake, no new life stage will be introduced in this pack. Just items appropriate for it. Yeahhhh...

Among those objects and clothes there are two objects that is coming with new gameplay and interactions. One would be a puppet booth which would be super fun and useful in raising your kids social skills at the same time. Your sims can now perform actual choreographed puppet's tale for friends and family members to enjoy!

The other one would be a video game like interface that uses trading cards to function. Imagine something like Pokemon trading card games, with a super cool interactive battle station. Another cool thing about it is the collectible cards will apparently be based off the monsters that came with the free patch reported earlier. Neat huh? You can read about the battle station in the official blog post.

May these new things make your Sim-kids life more fun and less of a chore. Now if only I can make my Sim's homework disappear for them to even have time to enjoy all these updates. Hmm...

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