ICYMI: Pikachu Outbreak is Back, But With Some Big Changes

By Jasmin on Apr 20, 2018

Yesterday the Japanese city of Yokohama announced the dates for their annual Pokémon invasion: Pikachu Outbreak. This week-long extravaganza celebrating everyone’s favourite electric mouse will take place in the week of August 10th through 16th and the theme of this year is “Science is Amazing!”

For the first time in its 5-year run, this year’s Outbreak will feature events during the day and evening throughout the week. On top of that, the popular “Soaking Wet Splash Show” is getting an upgrade with digital projections for the new “Digital Splash Show” which will happen during the evening. On top of that, the world-famous “Pikachu Parade” will be held by the seaside for the first time as well.

One big change that will probably disappoint a lot of people is that Yokohama City has decided not to feature Pokémon GO in its celebration this year. The mayor of Yokohama, Fumiko Hayashi, said in a statement that the decision not to partner with Pokémon GO came from traffic and security concerns. One major problem from last year’s event were traffic and walking congestion caused by irresponsible Pokémon GO players caught up with their smartphones due to special spawns.

Remember, Trainers: Niantic does remind you you multiple times to be alert:

Anyone planning to head to Yokohama anyway? Maybe we’ll see you there!

Pikachu Outbreak will be held from August 10 - 16, 2018 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

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