Pierce the heavens, Monkey King makes his way to PS4

By Dale Bashir on Jul 28, 2017

Get on your nimbus clouds people, Monkey King:Hero Is Back The Game is coming to the PS4 and it is the first major AAA console release made from a colaboration between a Japanese and Chinese developer, namely Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio and October Media. It will be published by Oasis Games and was annouced during Sony's conference in ChinaJoy 2017. The game is based on the 2015 animated Chinese film of the same name and will include levels that are adapted from the film and wholly original content made for the game. Here's the trailer via Gematsu:

The trailer shows the title character, Sun Wukong, fighting demons with his signature staff in lush environments, while clips of the director Xiao Peng Tian and executive producer Dayong Jin talking about the development of the game interspliced in between. Wukong is able to fight demons of epic proportions, with him being able to scale the monsters weapon to attack, giving it a God of War sort of vibe. The later parts of the trailer also show Wukong fighting with his fists and feet against some sort of amphibian monster.

As mentioned before, it is based on the highest grossing animated film in China, Monkey King: Hero Is Back with the Playstation hardware really giving the visuals of the game, much more so than the movie. Whether you're a fan of the movie or you are more familiar with the Monkey King's more recent video game outings in games such as Smite or DOTA 2, this "beast-slaying adventure" might just tickle your fancy. We hope to hear more about the game soon from Sony Interactive Entertainment and October Games.

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