Persona is getting a Hollywood adaptation

By Melvyn Tan on Apr 1, 2017

Image source: PlayStation Store
Image source: PlayStation Store

Celebrated JRPG series Persona is getting a live action adaptation by Hollywood, Warner Bros. Pictures has announced.

Pre-production is still far off, with the movie still in the midst of its casting process, but it's director and writer have already been found.

Justice League director Zack Snyder will helm the movie, simply titled as Persona, while writing duties will be handled by David S. Goyer.

"Given his visionary work on movies like Batman v.s. Superman and the upcoming Justice League, we have strong hopes that Mr. Snyder will be able to realize the uniqueness of the video games in a way that will delight both fans and normal viewers," said a Warner Bros. spokesperson.

It is currently unknown whether the movie will adapt a particular storyline or draw inspirations from various entries in the series, similar to what the live action Ghost in the Shell movie did.

However, Snyder noted that he was a "huge fan" of Persona 3 and "loved" its emotional ending.

"When I completed the game and heard the ending song, I felt stunned," he said. "It was really a beautiful thing, a beautiful experience, and I want the movie to amaze audiences in that regard as well."

"I also want to make it dark as hell, in a very literal sense," he added.

What is certain is that the movie will not feature a Japanese setting, but instead take place in a fictional modern city where "East and West blend in a special yet grounded way."

That cultural mix will supposedly be reflected in the cast lineup as well, which is allegedly intended to consist of "actors and actresses of both Western and Asian ethnicity".

Persona is slated for an April 1, 2020 release, a date which is noted to be April Fool's Day.

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