Overwatch's upcoming PTR patch will greatly diminish 'draws'

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 17, 2017

Draws are the most frustrating thing in Overwatch, especially while playing competitive in an Assault Map like Temple of Anubis, Hanamura and Volskaya Industries. So much effort were put into the game only for it to end with no winners and only 3 competitive points. The frustration will soon end as Blizzard is implementing a new system to greatly reduce draws in Overwatch.

Patch 1.9.0 of the Overwatch PTR was shut down today as the patch is scheduled to hit live servers on the March 21 2017. Once a patch is shutdown on the PTR, a new patch will arrive shortly for players to test out the new changes and send their feedbacks to Blizzard, and this is where the new system to reduce draws will be tested.

Battle.net user, RedPanda expressed his frustration in the Overwatch Forum saying, "I would rather get waffle stomped than waste another 20 minutes of my life in a draw. Maybe it's just me but they seem to happen way too often. Attacker almost always has the advantage and with the new respawn delay for defenders its even easier now to push the attack. At least once a day I get a game where both teams just roll on through and then take the first point but don't have enough time to even attempt the second point and yawn another draw. 20 minutes of my life wasted with no gain or loss. Ya ya I know, still got xp, I don't care, it feels horrible to fight so hard and the game basically says it was a wash. Why is this a thing, there are no ties in mainstream sports or any other competitive video game that I can think of. Why is it so rampant here?" He later edited the post to add in more details on what triggered his frustration on draws. "I forgot to mention this for some reason but the main reason I have a problem with draws is that the moment my teams realizes that is the best we are going to get a lot of people just give up and stop trying. I usually have to beg my team to keep giving it all. It is just so frustrating once you get to that point knowing that no matter how much better you do for the rest of the round the best you will get is nothing."

Upon reading RedPanda's post, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan replied him with some good news that will delight every player who hates draws. "We have changes coming to the PTR very soon. These changes will greatly diminish the number of draws. More details inc. extremely soon," Kaplan said.

Draws don't really affect me much. When I'm playing as the attacking team first and defending second, it always feels good to stop the enemy team from capturing the objective. As long as my hard earned SR is not taken away, I'll take a draw anytime of the day. But on the bright side, it makes players more competitive now since there can only be one winner.

Stay tuned to Gamehubs as we will keep you updated once more information has been released by the Overwatch team.

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