Overwatch’s Symmetra is Graduating to Defense Hero Soon

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 24, 2018

For most Overwatch players, many agree that Symmetra is the oddest one in the league of support heroes since almost all support characters such as Ana, Lucio, Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta and even the newest kid on the block, Brigitte have their own healing capabilities except for the master architect.

The current Overwatch's roster
The current Overwatch's roster

With her crafty abilities of placing turrets, releasing small portable shields and the only hero in the game that has two ultimates: Teleporter and Shield Generator, Symmetra strikes as unconventional support hero as showcased in her comic book, A Better World where she builds bridge out of hard light and teleports away from incoming enemies.

Possible rework for Symmetra has always been in the Blizzard’s table for a while and the recent Inven Global interview with Overwatch’s lead software engineer Timothy Ford confirmed that Symmetra will be leaving her support position to become a defense hero. There are also some new changes on the horizon for Symmetra’s ability but still under wraps by the developer.

“We are discussing the change right now, and although we can’t tell you the details of each change, we would still like to let you know it will be a fairly dramatic change. One thing we can tell you is that Symmetra will turn from a support hero to a defense hero after the remake. Our aim is to make the usage of Symmetra even more flexible from it,” said Ford.

As far as the rework goes, Symmetra is not the only hero who is expecting big change. Hanzo is the latest hero to undergo ability rework as his infamous Scatter Arrow is replaced by Storm Arrows. The Hanzo’s rework along with other important changes in Overwatch are now live on PTR.

Before all Overwatch players say we’ve seen it coming, do you think Symmetra’s graduation to a defense hero will grant her new abilities to fit better into the class or is it better to stick to her current abilities in support hero? Share your comments with us in our Facebook and Twitter.

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