Overwatch's latest Animated Short tells the sad story of Mei's past

By Kurtis Chan on Aug 24, 2017

A new Overwatch Animated Short was released at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany and it features Mei and her tragic story which takes place in Ecopoint: Antarctica.

During Blizzard's presentation at Gamescom, the Overwatch team revealed Mei's Animated Short titled "Rise and Shine". At the beginning of the video, Mei was doing a short vlog before heading off to her cryo-nap. She woke up from it and went on with her daily routine until she found out that she has been sleeping for 9 years and all of her friends were already dead inside their respective cryo-chamber.

Mei tries her best to not let her and her comrades' research go to waste by finding a way to save everything that has been collected since her hibernation. She tries her best to fix the signal and she created her Endothermic Blaster in the process. However, Snowball had to sacrifice its power so that Mei can complete it as the last battery was used up before her blaster is completed. Thankfully, Snowball survived and both Snowball and Mei continued their journey away from Ecopoint: Antarctica.

One thing to take note from the Animated Short is that Mei has a different outfit from the game itself. Maybe we will get a new skin for her soon? Winter Wonderland event maybe? We'll just have to wait until the time comes.

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