Overwatch's D.Va Takes The Stage With New Animated Short And Official Figma

By Michelle J. Brohier on Aug 23, 2018

It's time to pull out the mountain dews and doritos! This is a day dedicated to our one and only much loved Meka-pilot in Overwatch. Not only did Blizzard release a gorgeous seven-minute clip dedicated to D.Va, an official Figma of her was also announced by Good Smile Company!

Blizzard has been releasing animated shorts of their  characters’ backstories periodically, from Mei to even Hanzo. Their recent animated short, titled Shooting Star, reveals D.Va's backstory on how she went from a Korean e-sports star to an Overwatch hero by defending her nation from the Omnics. The short is filled with a lot of action, and also delivers some neat easter eggs for fans, so do share with us what you found!

Blizzard also revealed a new map set in Korea's Busan, an obvious dedication to D.Va. The map has three locations which includes a sanctuary, a downtown district, and a mech factory. The map is currently available on the PC version's PTR server, so go ahead and nerf it out!

If the D.Va short has you loving her even more, Good Smile Company has unveiled a D.Va Figma at the Overwatch Fan Festival in Seoul, Korea. As a nod to her animated short, the Figma also include the hat she wore in Shooting Star, and she comes with accessories that even include a non-copyright infringing mountain dew and a headsculpt of her blowing bubble-gum.

The Figma is open for pre-order on August 29, and though it states it's open only for the US, it is possible for those of us in Asia to pre-order it directly from Good Smile Company as well. But you can always check with your local figurine stores if they can pre-order it for you too!

Are you high on D.Va love? Think Blizzard needs to get into gear with a full length Overwatch movie already? Share what you think with us in the comments below, or even on Facebook or Twitter!

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