Overwatch updates are delayed thanks to toxic behavior of players

By Kurtis Chan on Sep 14, 2017

The toxicity that Overwatch players portray in the game has been getting worse and worse, especially for the past few months. Blizzard has been working very hard to make the game's community a better place for people to enjoy and have a good time, but all these efforts are resulting in delays on the game updates and development, as stated by Overwatch Game Director, Jeff Kaplan in the latest Overwatch Developer update.

“We want to make new maps, we want to make new heroes, we want to make animated shorts,” Kaplan said. “But we’ve been put in this weird position where we’re spending a tremendous amount of time and resources punishing people and trying to make people behave better,” Kaplan revealed. “I wish we could take the time we put into having reporting on console and have put that toward a match history system or a replay system instead,” he said. “It was the exact same people that had to work on both, who got re-routed to work on the other. The bad behavior is not just ruining the experience for one another, but the bad behavior’s also making the game progress, in terms of development, at a much slower rate.”

A lot of Overwatch players think that the reporting system does not actually do anything because they made the assumption that Blizzard will not take action. However, this is not the case as the numbers have been revealed by Jeff Kaplan himself. According to Kaplan's statement, more than 480,000 Overwatch accounts have received punishments since the beginning of Overwatch last year. Out of the 480,000 accounts, over 340,000 accounts were punished as the result of players utilizing the game's reporting system.

Everyone should try to behave well not only in Overwatch, but other games as well. We play games to loosen ourselves and take a break from studies or work. Try treating other players well in a game and who knows, you might even help boost the team morale.


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