Overwatch terms that you should know before watching Overwatch League

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 8, 2018

Overwatch League is upon us and just like any other esports out there, there are a lot of technical terms that viewers have to understand to fully comprehend what is happening in the game or what the shoutcasters are trying to convey. We've compiled a list of abbreviations and terms that are often used during Overwatch matches so you won't have to scratch your head and keep wondering what does that sentence even mean.

2-2-2: A team composition of 2 Tanks, 2 Supports, and 2 DPS heroes.
2CP: The Assault game mode. Abbreviation for 2 Capture Point, as the game mode requires the attacking team to capture two objective points.
Boop: Another term when a player gets knocked back (such as from Lúcio's Soundwave).
Boostio: Refers to Lucio when received Ana's Nano Boost accidentally

Car Wash: Refers to a room or location, usually a chokepoint, filled with Symmetra turrets.

CC/Crowd Control: Abilities that allows players to force enemies into tough positions or off the map. For example, Reinhardt's Earth Shatter.

Cheese Comp: A team composition that is not considered to be standard.

Choke/Chokepoint: A narrow area where the attacking team is forced to go through.

ClutchPerforming under pressure, usually refers to the crucial moment that comes between winning and losing.

Comp: The team composition, the range of characters picked on a team and how well they work with each other.

C9: When a team loses the match because no one was paying attention to the objective, or got off it accidentally. Derived from the esports team Cloud 9, who lost a match by forgetting about the payload.

Deathball: A playstyle focusing on the team sticking together and synergizing with others in order to win fights.

Deep Strike: To pass over/under/through the enemy's defense line and onto the point/payload, forcing some of the enemy team to turn around and deal with you and thus breaking apart the line.
Dive: A Deep Strike strategy performed by the entire team, aiming to jump on the opponent's back line and kill one or more characters by targeting them individually and then escaping.
Dive Comp: A set of heroes picked to enable Dive strategies. Favorite dive comp heroes are highly mobile damage dealers such as Tracer, Genji, mobile shielding tanks like Winston and D.Va, and Lucio for his speed boost.

DPS: Damage Per Second. A measure of how much damage a player, hero, or weapon does. Usually used to describe a type of hero who specializes in dealing large amounts of damage in Overwatch.

Dry Push: A coordinated team attack where purposefully no-ones uses their ultimates, allowing them all to charge in order to then use them all at once in the next attack.

Feed: To allow enemies to rack up kills and thus charge their Ultimates quickly is "feeding them". On most teams, always what the other person is doing.

Flank: Surprise attack the enemy from the side or from the back instead of head-on. This is similar to harassing.

Flash Fan: As McCree, the combination of Flashbang followed by Fan the Hammer, which can kill or deal substantial damage to most heroes.
Flex: A player skilled in a diverse range of heroes. Flex players in esports play whatever hero the team needs at a given time, rather than sticking with a particular role.

Frag: Competitive gaming term for a kill or elimination, first coined in the game Quake.

Gamesense: Awareness of the various events happening during the course of the match.

Grav: Short for Graviton Surge, the ultimate ability of Zarya.

Hitscan: Refers to bullets that hit if the enemy is lined up with the sights. For example, McCree and Soldier:76.

Meta: Short for "most effective tactic available". Usually refers to a preferred team composition or the top tier heroes.

Off-Tank: A Tank hero that can't protect their team the way a main tank can, but can still absorb a lot of damage, i.e. D.Va, Roadhog, or Zarya.

Overextending: Pushing too far forward in the direction of the enemy team and/or their spawn room.

Pharmercy: A team combination of Pharah and Mercy. Pharah flies above shooting rockets while Mercy repeatedly uses Guardian Angel and Angelic Descent to remain in the air while healing or buffing Pharah.
Pick: To kill single critical enemy players in the opposing team, as opposed to winning a fight between entire teams.

Pocket – Refers to the tactic where one support hero is assigned to another hero and focus only on the hero they are assigned, almost exclusively refers to Mercy.

ScrimA practice match between two teams.

Space Jam: The combination of Zarya's Graviton Surge and Doomfist's Meteor Strike, often used in esports casting.

Splash DamageSome weapons can hit multiple enemies at once with a single projectile's splash damage.

Staggering: A series of individual players running in one-by-one to fight or contest the objective but being hopelessly killed. 

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