Overwatch PTR latest hero balance changes is a tweak to the previous one

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 9, 2017

Blizzard released a new set of hero balance changes just two days ago and now they have made some changes to it again. Ana, Sombra and Zenyatta are the heroes that will receive changes again in the latest Overwatch PTR patch.

In the previous patch, Ana receive a huge nerf to her Biotic Rifle damage as well as the healing and damage from her Biotic Grenade, whereas Zenyatta and Sombra received major buffs to their kit. Zenyatta's alternate fire recovery time has been reduced and his Orb of Discord can target enemies behind barriers, while Sombra's Translocator cooldown time was reduced and her sound effect range when exiting stealth is also shorten. Part of these changes were further tweaked in the latest patch and Sombra gets a buff again.


  • Biotic Grenade
    • Impact damage reduced from 60 to 30
    • Impact healing reduced from 100 to 50 
    • Impact damage and healing reverted to live values (Damage=60, Healing=100)

The Overwatch community has been making a fuss about her nerf, even creating memes of Ana's funeral. To be honest, I think that the initial nerf to Ana was a little too savage on Blizzard's end. Reducing her rifle damage is acceptable since her damage can often be higher than McCree's and she was designed to be a healer anyway. However, reducing the healing of grenade is just too much, cutting it by 50% just makes her more susceptible to flankers like Tracer and Genji. Thankfully Blizzard decided to revert it back its original ways and we don't have to attend her funeral anymore.



  • Hack
    • Hacked healthpacks can now be seen through walls for her allies.

Sombra's entire kit just got buffed including the previous ones to her Stealth and Translocator. With her healthpack wall-hack ability, her allies will know where to replenish their health during emergency situations instead of blaming the supports for not healing them (no offense to Genji mains).



  • Orb of Destruction
    • Weapon spread removed (for both primary and alternate fire)
  • Orb of Discord
    • Can now target enemies through barriers 
    • Targeting through barriers has been reverted


Zenyatta's changes includes both nerf and buff. His ability for his Orb of Discord to be able to target enemies behind barriers is kinda OP but I like it a lot as a Pharah main. Currently in live servers, Zenyatta's primary weapon, Orb of Destruction has a small spread when it fires (toggle bloom on in settings for Zenyatta) and with it gone now, it definitely makes him much easier to land more damage on the enemy.

All of these changes will be available for testing in the PTR before it hits live servers. What do you think of these changes? Do you think that Ana is still good to be a meta pick? And will Sombra be played more now that her entire kit has been buffed?


Source: Overwatch Forum

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