Overwatch News: Uprising Tease & Open Division Season 2 Registration

By Yue Lynn on Apr 2, 2018

Blizzard is teasing Overwatch fans with another Uprising event! In the video above, Blizzard revealed that more details will be released later on April 11th.

This will be the second Overwatch event after February’s Lunar New Year festivities. Last year’s Uprising was a real treat for players as the event unearthed plenty of Overwatch lore and fancy cosmetics, besides introducing a special brawl mode.

While last year’s brawl mode put heavy emphasis on the early Overwatch days, it’s possible that Blizzard may put their focus on Blackwatch this time…

Additionally, Blizzard has also open registrations for Open Division Season 2 where any players of any skill level can join this PC-only tournament. This entry-level event also provides a platform for aspiring professionals to test out their competitive play and teamwork organisation. Players can choose to play in Australia, China, Korea, South America, North America, Europe, or the Pacific region.

For Southeast Asian teams, players can choose to register under the Pacific region. The Open Division is part of Overwatch’s 2018 Path to Pro system and the Top 4 teams from this tournament’s regions will be offered an opportunity to compete in the Contenders’ Trial; subsequently giving them a chance to join the Overwatch Contenders.

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