Overwatch’s New Competitive Elimination Mode Is Now Online

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 17, 2018

The standard Overwatch competitive play usually focused in four formats: capture the area, escort the payload or the combination between these two formats but this time around, Blizzard is adding in another format of the competitive play: the 6v6 Elimination mode.

While Overwatch players are still enjoying the limited time Retribution PvE event, Blizzard recently announced a new way for players to collect competitive points to unlock golden weapons.

In this competitive elimination mode, each team will fight against each other until one team is left standing, no matter how many members remain.

To win an elimination match, a team must collect 3 points by become the winning team in 3 out of 5 rounds. If both teams are still going strong after 2 minutes of play, an area will be marked on the map which will turn into a capture point after a period of 30 seconds. Each team will have to try to capture the area in order to win the match.

The lockout rule is put in place which means when a team wins the round, their players wouldn’t be able to choose the heroes they used for the next round. However, the losing team is unaffected by this lockdown.

In addition, all Elimination mode maps like Necropolis, Black Forest, Castillo and Ecopoint: Antarctica will be available to play along with the Ayutthaya map which was previously used only in the Capture the Flag mode.

You can climb your way into Competitive Elimination ranks in the Arcade from now until May 8.

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