Overwatch Mystery Heroes game mode is getting an upgrade soon

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 14, 2017

Mystery Heores is one of the game modes in the Arcade section of Overwatch. The game mode not only allows you to earn loot boxes but it lets you learn some other heroes that you rarely play or know how to play. However, the game mode has some weak points in it when compared to other available game modes in the Overwatch, and it definitely has much room for improvements. As more players giving out suggestions on how to improve it, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan chimes in to give the players some good news regarding Mystery Heroes.

Jeff Kaplan stated that the Overwatch team is looking to make some changes to Mystery Heroes so players can have a better experience playing in it. "Thanks for the feedback on Mystery Heroes. We were talking about it today, actually. We have some clean up that we want to do to the mode eventually. Obviously, we want to remove the "assemble your heroes" moment -- we were restricted by old tech on this but now have the ability to fix this. We also want to prevent self-inflicted eliminations from allowing you to change heroes. As for ultimates, we keep going back and forth on this one. Part of what feels so impactful about the mode is that an elimination is very meaningful... and an ultimate is more of a special occasion. But it definitely feels off to us when you roll the same hero twice and lose that ultimate charge," Kaplan posted.

However, he also stated that these changes are not the main thing they are focusing on currently. "We'll keep discussing it and try some things out. Hopefully, the fixes are not too far off. It's definitely not our highest priority issue, but we love the mode and know how much you guys do too. Keep the feedback coming!"

Obviously, the Overwatch team have some pest control to do before the infestation of bugs make the game go bonkers. Have any ideas on how to improve Mystery Heroes? Don't hesitate to comment on the Overwatch forum thread, who knows maybe Kaplan will like your idea.

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