Overwatch map bugs are getting out of hand and fixes are coming next patch

By Kurtis Chan on May 23, 2017

Overwatch has been a bug infestation ground since it was launched and these two new map geometry bugs are breaking the game in a whole new level, namely Torbjorn in Eichenwalde and Sombra in point B of Hanamura. These bugs are currently still at large in the game but fixes will arrive soon in the upcoming patch.

Torbjorn's bug was first spotted by Battle.net user, HAHAHAHAHAHA (yes, that's his/her name), when he was playing in Eichenwalde, the attacking team's Torbjorn was standing on a crate and he was literally unkillable. Upon seeing this, HAHAHAHAHAHA tried it in a custom game and it worked for him. "Essentially, if you're on ATTACK on Eichenwalde as Torb you can stand on a specific crate (image above) and you're completely invincible. You can't be booped, melee'd, nothing. Even if someone is pressed up against the model they can't do anything. HOWEVER if you're on defense, this bug does not work," HAHAHAHAHAHA stated in his post on the Overwatch Forum. "I don't know if it's the skin specifically since both of us have the skin and so did the guy doing it in-game, but this is a problem. The Torb can hop on and off this crate to save himself and not only is it broken, but it encourages anyone who knows about it to hang around this area as an attack Torb rather than play the game." Fortunately, the Overwatch team already has a fix for this bug and it will roll out when the next patch arrives. "We got a bug for this and it was fixed. It should be in the next patch," Overwatch Principal Level Designer, Dave Adams replied in the forum.

As for Sombra's bug, it is regarding her Translocator, again. She is able to throw her Translocator out of the map and teleport to it if the timing was done correctly. The Hanamura one is a bit different than the other maps, due to the fact that Sombra can switch to other heroes while being out of the map, like Torbjorn where he can buld a turret and it will still be able to shoot enemies that are within the turret's range. The QA team for Overwatch is currently investigating it but no ETA was given for the bugfix as of yet.

Fair warning, it may sound fun to try it out in game, but the risk is yours to take as action will be taken to players who abuses these bugs.

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