Overwatch League Teams’ April Fool’s Highlights

By Yue Lynn on Apr 2, 2018

Image Credit: Los Angeles Gladiators
Image Credit: Los Angeles Gladiators

Over the weekend, many Overwatch League teams and players jumped onto the April Fool’s train by playing a number of jokes on other teams and their fans. Much to Overwatch fans’ delight, the teams and players did not disappoint. Here are some of my personal favourites:

Los Angeles Gladiators’s New Player Announcement: Tisumi

Florida Mayhem’s New Jersey Design

London Spitfire Replaces Profit With Stylosa

Florida Mayhem Acquires Ryujehong

Effect Looks For Greener Pastures With Seoul Dynasty

Ryujehong’s Best Laughs Compilation

Birdring And Fissure Twitter-Swapped

Fissure/Birdring’s Career Change

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