Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 5: Top Plays, MVT & MVP

By Yue Lynn on Jun 20, 2018

Image Credit: Robert Paul
Image Credit: Robert Paul

After a spectacular 20 weeks with over 250 matches played between 12 teams, Overwatch League’s regular season is finally over with Los Angeles Valiant winning Stage 4 Final Playoffs! The Stage Champions took home the crown after beating New York Excelsior in a confident 3-1 win.

Image Credit: Robert Paul
Image Credit: Robert Paul

Payoff day was eventful as Stage 4’s number one seed Los Angeles Gladiators had the freedom to choose their opponent for the first semifinal match-up. Much to everyone’s surprise, they chose their LA counterpart and close nemesis; the LA Valiant. This decision was done by the Gladiators, despite knowing that they may blow their own chance (in the end, they did lost) to advance to the Stage Finals.

The Battle for LA went all the way to the fifth map with Valiant taking home the win. In the second semifinal match-up, NYXL also went through a gruelling series of five maps with Dallas Fuel and eventually emerging victorious.

Image Credit: NYXL
Image Credit: NYXL

The Stage Finals commenced right after the end of the second semifinal match-up, leaving no time for NYXL to recuperate and sure enough, it showed in their lacklustre performances against a rejuvenated LA Valiant. Clear signs of fatigue from NYXL (they only managed to win Hanamura and a single map point in the entire Final series) paved Valiant’s way to victory.

Image Credit: Robert Paul
Image Credit: Robert Paul

This is not to say that LA Valiant had an easy win as they rightfully deserved (and capitalised) this one. This fan-favourite LA team has been one of the strongest and most consistent teams in OWL, and is the number two team in the overall standings behind the mighty NYXL. As for NYXL, they will definitely be out for blood in their future outings, especially when the Final Playoffs are at stake.

Stage 4 was a good one for Dallas Fuel, defying naysayers’ expectations to obtain a Top 4 finish. Expectedly, Seoul Dynasty and Houston Outlaws lost their Final Playoff chances despite showcasing strong performances at the start of the season which fizzled out as they progressed through the stages. As for Shanghai Dragons, they achieved a 40-games losing streak, an unfortunate feat that certified them as the worst esports/sports team on Earth. Clearly, low-tiered teams like San Francisco Shock, Dallas Fuel, Florida Mayhem and the aforementioned Shanghai Dragons need to do a thorough assessment on themselves and find a solution to their problems before moving forward to Season 2 of OWL.

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 5:

The Adventures Of A Seagull

The Adventures Of A Seagull: Part II

The Adventures Of A Seagull: Part III

The Adventures Of A Seagull: Part IV

Pogchamp Libero Actually Played As Symmetra In The Stage 4 Semifinal

 Agilities WTH?

They Don’t Call Him King For Nuthin’

Did IDDQD Make His First Appearance Of The Season?

Surefour Gosu

Seoul Dynasty C9-ing Again!

 Everyone Gets A Hug! Awww :)

 Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 5 MVP & MVT


Image Credit: LA Valiant
Image Credit: LA Valiant

Especially LA Valiant for being Stage 4 Champions!

MVP: Following my Week 5 tradition, all Overwatch League players are MVPs!

Season one playoffs will commence on 11th July with the grand finals be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on 27th-28th July 2018. The top six teams who had qualified for the playoffs are NYXL, Los Angeles Valiant, Boston Uprising, Los Angeles Gladiators, London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion. Certainly there’s ample time for both fans and teams to rest and recuperate before diving back into more Overwatch action. On that note, ‘till next time, folks!

Last week’s action: Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 4: Top Plays, MVT & MVP

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