Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 4: Top Plays, MVT & MVP

By Yue Lynn on Jun 11, 2018

That’s it, folks, we are now at Week 5 and that means a home run towards the Stage 4 Finals! But before we get to the finals, let’s talk about Week 4. Boston Uprising finally got back their groove by defeating Seoul Dynasty and Shanghai Dragons. On the other side of things, Seoul Dynasty and London Spitfire had clearly lost their way as both suffered two back-to-back defeats. Shanghai Dragons came so close to a victory but alas, they lost 2-3 to Florida Mayhem, a team currently hated by many.

For other teams, business was running as usual but with one exception: New York Excelsior’s loss to Los Angeles Gladiators. NYXL’s defeat at the hands of both LA teams resulted in their longest losing streak in this season: two series.

By being the number one seed in the Overwatch League with a guaranteed spot in the Final Playoffs and having a solid Top 4 presence in the Stage 4 playoffs, NYXL’s position is secure and safe. This means that losing in the last few Stage 4 matches won’t affect their playoff chances and now’s a good time and opportunity to test out different strategies against their opponents and playing mind games with them.

And oh boy did NYXL played those teams like a fiddle. It was clear from the start that NYXL was throwing-slash-sandbagging in their matches against LA Gladiators and San Francisco Shock last week. LA Gladiators actually lost the first two maps because of their own C9 mistakes while NYXL was putting zero effort into their Oasis map fight against the Shock, which resulted with the latter’s only map win in their 1-2 loss to NYXL. In the midst of all this sandbagging action, NYXL was taking notes of their opponents and keeping that important information for the playoffs. On top of that, all the possible teams that NYXL will go up against in the Stage 4 Playoffs are no match for the number one seed and NYXL revels in it.

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 4:

Fusion Got A Taste Of The C9

When You Just Can’t Avoid A Pulse Bomb

Custa’s Battle Mercy

SBB’s Assist In Team Kill

Carpe Carry!

Seoul Dynasty Spawn Camped Philly!

Seoul Dynasty’s Walkout In Style

Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 4 MVP & MVT


As the popular saying goes, other teams are playing checkers while NYXL is playing 4D chess. Nothing to look here, just cruising through Stage 4 and not showing any of their tactics.

MVP: Pine

You can expect top notch kind-of-throwing action if you see Pine on... Junkrat.

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