Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 2: Top Plays, MVT & MVP

By Yue Lynn on May 30, 2018

Image Credit: Robert Paul
Image Credit: Robert Paul

Last week, Overwatch League fans, especially those of Dallas Fuel, were treated with a rare phenomenon. The bottom-tiered team got two consecutive wins over Boston Uprising and , surprise surprise, Philadelphia Fusion! Dallas Fuel’s star tank player, Mickie, proved to be one of the best Brigitte’s players in the League and the team made great use of his skills by defeating upper-tier teams who may have made the grave mistake of underestimating them and the Brigitte meta.

Image Credit: Robert Paul
Image Credit: Robert Paul

For loyal Dallas Fuel fans who stuck with them through all the heartbreaking losses and when they were the butt of many jokes, last week was a pleasant significant change which was definitely worthy of celebration.

On the other side of things, Boston Uprising and Seoul Dynasty’s losing streak continued while London Spitfire’s changes seem to have helped them gain two wins. Things are starting to look grim for the Dynasty because their four games-losing-streak may have cost them their Stage and Finals Playoff spots. Clearly, Boston Uprising and Seoul Dynasty need to do something drastic and get their mojo back if they want to stop their losing streaks.

Image Credit: Overwatch Competitive Facebook page
Image Credit: Overwatch Competitive Facebook page

Speaking of mojo, New York Excelsior continues to flourish, deservingly nabbing that No. 1 seed title in the Overwatch League as well some good amount of cash. As the casters aptly said NYXL can simply relax their way through Stage 4 and play mind games with their opponents.

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 2:

Take A Drink Every Time Seoul Dynasty Commit A C9

The Pine Show

Libero: Hanzo God


NYXL Lineup Game Strong


Absolutely Disgusting Play From Florida Mayhem

How To Pronounce Brigitte!

All Hail Mickie!

Honourable Mention: RESPECT

Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 2 MVP & MVT

MVTs: Dallas Fuel and NYXL

Last week’s story was a tale of two teams. Dallas Fuel jumped onto the Brigitte meta bandwagon comfortably while NYXL w totally unafraid of going against said meta. Case in point: NYXL fielded Genji and Tracer against Shanghai Dragons’ Brigitte despite knowing that Brigitte can counter dive heroes and flankers. We don’t know if they were being cocky or just confident (perhaps both) but what we do know is that NYXL managed to pull it off.

While Dallas Fuel had a great week, Houston Outlaws had a poor one, losing both games to LA Gladiators and San Francisco Shock. KyKy left his coaching position in Dallas Fuel and joined Houston Outlaws so I guess you can do the math.

MVP: Mickie

Who’s a better Brigitte player than Mickie? NOBODY. Dallas Fuel should really thank him for being so instrumental in their recent wins.

In conjunction with the current Overwatch Anniversary festivities, here are some milestones the game had achieved in two years’ time:

Image Credit: Blizzard/Overwatch
Image Credit: Blizzard/Overwatch

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