Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 1: Top Plays, MVT & MVP

By Yue Lynn on May 23, 2018

Image Credit: Overwatch League
Image Credit: Overwatch League

After a short break, we’re back to the new and final stage of Overwatch League’s first season! Now that we’re on the home run towards the Final Playoffs, teams will be prepping and bolstering their strategies, especially those with chances of securing a precious spot in the finals. In typical salty fashion, you can’t play Overwatch without some drama butting its way in so things actually took a dramatic turn when three giants fell during the first week of Stage 4.

These three were none other than the London Spitfire (defeated by Houston Outlaws and New York Excelsior), Seoul Dynasty (defeated by Los Angeles Valiant and shockingly, San Francisco Shock) and… Boston Uprising (defeated by Philadelphia Fusion and Houston Outlaws). Lately, Spitfire and Dynasty has been suffering a slump in their performances, acquiring more losses than wins, which allowed mid-tier teams to overtake them in the standings.

Image Credit: Overwatch League
Image Credit: Overwatch League

Spitfire can’t seem to get their act together, while Dynasty’s odd lineup strategies (ryujehong on Winston…) and their doubtful “we are playing the long game” reasoning is clearly showing undesirable results that will likely end their Final Playoffs dreams. However, at the time of writing, London Spitfire is taking some steps in correcting their course by announcing a roster update.

On the other side of things, after falling tamely to NYXL in the Stage 3 Finals, Boston Uprising seemed to have lost their winning spark. Most surprising of all, the winless Shanghai Dragons is actually sitting higher than London Spitfire in the Stage 4 standings, let that fact sink it for a moment!

On top of that, the Brigitte Meta was finally introduced into the Overwatch League and teams that were under-prepared to counter this hard-hitting composition suffered obvious disadvantages. Case in point: Shanghai Dragon could possibly had their first ever League win over the struggling Dallas Fuel but the latter brought out Brigitte (played well by Mickie) and it proved to be a mace to the Dragons’ faces.

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 1:

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Fearless Knocked Fate Into Traffic’s Way

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What Is Carpe Made Of?

Libero’s Justice Combo

Geguri Melted LA Valiant

Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 1 MVP & MVT

MVT: Houston Outlaws

While Philly, NYXL and both Los Angeles teams showcased strong performances, special kudos goes out to Houston Outlaws for starting their Stage 4 appearances with two good wins after... signing former Dallas Fuel coach, KyKy to their team. It will be exciting to see how this team will fare after KyKy’s arrival.

MVP: Carpe

What Carpe did to Boston Uprising was absolutely filthy and sick.

On a more charitable note, look how much Overwatch players had contributed to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)!:

Thank you very much to all the heroes (myself included!) who had contributed towards this cause!

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