Overwatch League Stage 3 Week 5: Top Plays, MVT & MVP

By Yue Lynn on May 8, 2018

Image Credit: Robert Paul
Image Credit: Robert Paul

It’s official, New York Excelsior had crushed Boston Uprising’s impressive run. In a confident show of top notch Overwatch gameplays, NYXL single handedly dashed Boston’s Stage 3 champions’ hopes when they stomped past the latter in the Finals that led to a 3-0 victory on Monday. Boston Uprising was a favourite to win the Finals after their Stage 3’s perfect 10-games-winning-streak but clearly, NYXL had other ideas. In the semifinals, NYXL and Boston Uprising had rolled past the Los Angeles Valiant and Los Angeles Gladiators with dominant 3-0 wins before meeting each other. Due to being Stage 3’s second-seeded team, NYXL had to play against Valiant right before the Finals.

Image Credit: Robert Paul
Image Credit: Robert Paul

Showing no signs of fatigue despite playing back-to-back games, NYXL played four maps with Boston Uprising, winning three and drawing one in a Best of 5 match. With this victory, NYXL made OWL history by being back-to-back Stage champions as they were the Stage 2 champs too. This also means that NYXL is the only team to appear in all three Stage finals; although they lost to London Spitfire in Stage 1’s Finals but defeated Philadelphia Fusion in a reverse sweep in Stage 2’s Finals.

Also, it’s nice to see some good sportsmanship when other teams congratulated NYXL on their win:

As of now, NYXL had only lost three games, one from each Stage and with that they had already secured a spot for the Season Playoffs as they are the number one team in the league standings (with huge map differentials compared to other teams). While not entirely invincible, they are undeniably the strongest team in Overwatch League. For example, in Stage 3 Week 3, NYXL proved to everyone that they are the Kings of Reverse Sweeping by pulling off a double reverse sweep against the likes of Fusion and Gladiators. With their impressive performances, NYXL is gunning to be crowned as Overwatch League’s first champion.

Image Credit: Robert Paul
Image Credit: Robert Paul

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 3 Week 5:

NYXL’s Stage 3 Winning Moment

The Big Boss Pine Show

lios’ Well Is MVP: 100% On Fire

Pine vs Dallas Fuel

Architect Rekts Houston Outlaws With His Pharah

Don’t Go Near The Ledge When Libero’s Playing Pharah

Agilities Won The Dragonblade Duel

Munchkin Gosu!

Honourable Mention:

Pine Fell Off The Stage

Overwatch League Stage 3 Week 5 MVP & MVT


Image Credit: NYXL
Image Credit: NYXL

Good games and well played, NYXL. Between reverse sweeps and counter plays, this team is a league above the rest.

Honourable Mentions: Boston Uprising and the rest of the teams for making Stage 3 as memorable as it is.

MVPs: As per my Week 5 tradition, all Overwatch League players are MVPs!

While we enjoy short break before the start of Stage 4, do you know that you can vote for this season’s Overwatch League MVP? Additionally, you can also get yourself Overwatch League’s All-Access Twitch Pass as each passholder will get 12 Away skins of your favourite teams, this month!

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