Overwatch League Stage 3 Week 1: Top Plays, MVT & MVP

By Yue Lynn on Apr 11, 2018

Image Credit: LA Valiant
Image Credit: LA Valiant

The first week of Stage 3 was a mixture of the good and the bad and the ugly. Trades and releases aside, the good was made up of Geguri’s much anticipated debut for Shanghai Dragons, Overwatch Retribution, LA Valiant picking up two straight wins after last stage’s slump, Pine’s comeback and Philadelphia Fusion Snillo’s walk-out among others! On the opposite side, the bad were Eqo’s suspension, Seoul Dynasty’s awfully cringey first Stage 3 game and London Spitifire’s two straight loss. The ugly was DreamKazper’s contract termination over sexual misconduct allegations.

Despite having five new additions to their roster, Shanghai Dragons is still winless at 0-22 currently. While it’s understandable that improvement from such major roster changes can take some time, let’s hope they don’t go 0-30 because that will cement this team’s position as the worst esports team in the history. Speaking of poor teams, London Spitfire lost both of their games in meekly fashion; Houston Outlaws made them crash with a 3-2 score while New York Excelsior did not grant them permission to even takeoff, with a clean 4-0 clean sweep. Lack of cooperation and coordination between London Spitfire players were big factors in their losses.

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 3 Week 1:

London Spitfire’s C9

SBB’s 3K Pulse Bomb

Big Boss Pine Is Back!

500 IQ Strategy From Shanghai Dragons

Kellex’s Battle Mercy


Wekeed’s Juicy RIP-Tire

Seoul Dynasty Gave SF Shock A Backcap

Geguri’s Bunny Blaster Skills

Honourable Mention:

Snillo Goes Rocky

Overwatch League Stage 3 Week 1 MVP & MVT

MVT: NYXL & LA Valiant

Both teams achieved big feats by toppling two top teams in the League; NYXL beat Spitfire 4-0 while LA Valiant defeated Seoul Dynasty 4-0. Putting up a strong and convincing show, both teams’ performances are definitely MVT material.

MVP: Pine (NYXL)

Pine was missing from Stage 2 due to personal issues but fans are glad that the Big Boss is back now! There’s no better duo in the Overwatch League than Pine and Ilios and he certainly brought his A game in his first match by putting on a good show with some smooth McCree and Widowmaker gameplays. Can’t wait to see more of him in the future matches!

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