Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 5: Top Plays, MVT & MVPs

By Yue Lynn on Apr 3, 2018

Image Credit: Overwatch League
Image Credit: Overwatch League

New York Excelsior has closed off Stage 2 as champions, after reverse sweeping Philadelphia Fusion off their feet in a thrilling Best of 5 stage final match-up! Besides taking home USD100,000, not only has NYXL remained the number one seed in the tournament but they also have the highest odds in winning the championship, followed by second-placed London Spitfire and third-placed Seoul Dynasty. While the three Korean teams may have filled up the top three positions, other teams have been getting stronger too, evidently seen in Florida Mayhem and Los Angeles Gladiators’ performances.

However, as we approach Stage 3, mid-tier teams such as Los Angeles Gladiators and Houston Outlaws were seen struggling to counter their opponents while in the midst of all the action, Boston Uprising steadily sneaked up the standings.

After two stages, Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel and San Francisco Shock were clearly unable to budge from the bottom of the standings. Shanghai Dragons has not won a single match-up while Dallas Fuel was continuously plagued by internal issues. In regards to San Francisco Shock, while the team may have a good roster, it got a little bit awkward that their #ShockTheWorld motto had been circumvented by other teams with better skills and team cooperation.  

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 5:

JJoNak Is A League Of His Own

Effect’s Sick Sharpshooting Skills

Perfect Aiming From Boombox

Don’t Resurrect In Front Of An Enemy Widowmaker

Neptuno Showing Why Mercy is Still One Of The Best Supports

Carpe Pops Off

Fury Eats Graviton Surges For Breakfast

JJoNak’s Headshot Deadshot

Quality DPS Mercy Play From Nus

London Spitfire Breaks Competitive Overwatch World Record By Capturing King’s Row Point A In 29 Seconds:

Honourable Mention:

SBB’s Chair

Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 5 MVT & MVPs


Image Credit: NYXL
Image Credit: NYXL

NYXL are indeed the most valuable team as they are both the Stage 2 champions and the number one team in Overwatch League. I may sound like a broken record with my praises by now but once again, this team deserves a round of applause for producing such stellar plays week after week. Also, mad props to Libero for stepping up his DPS Flex game and being such a beast of a player!

MVPs: All Overwatch League Players

I shared a similar sentiment in my Stage 1 Week 5 highlights, where I believe every player is a star in their own right throughout Stage 2 as well.

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