Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 1: Top Plays, MVT & MVP

By Yue Lynn on Feb 28, 2018

Stage 2 has just begun and some teams were definitely more on-point than others. New York Excelsior’s performances were decent; however, their loss to London Spitfire (not sure if Ark’s absence due to injury played an instrumental part in the loss) left a bad taste in a lot of fans’ mouths even though they are the only team to reach a 10-games won status. If NYXL don’t buckle up, Houston Outlaws (their last week’s games were solid) and London Spitfire will jump over them in the standings. Additionally, Dallas Fuel seemed to have stabilised, much thanks to their new player additions. It would not be surprising if they can maintain their win-streak from now onwards. And in the last place, Shanghai Dragons remained winless.

Latest standings of Overwatch League
Latest standings of Overwatch League

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 1

Gamsu’s Huge Earthshatter

Hydration Carrying As Pharah

JJoNak's Bullseye Sleep Dart

TviQ’s Disgusting Deflect 

Zunba's Perfectly-timed Self-destruct

Carpe's Terrifying Widowmaker Play

 Eqo Pops Off

Honourable Mention:

Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 1 MVP & MVT

MVP: Profit (London Spitfire); Carpe and Eqo (Philadelphia Fusion)

Thanks to his Tracer stalling in the tiebreaker map (Ilios) and no thanks to NYXL’s mistake, London Spitfire won. I’m still salty about it but what’s done is done. In terms of Carpe & Eqo, their skills and actions speak for themselves!

MVT: Houston Outlaws

They were stable and they came out strong. No need to say anything further...

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