Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 4 Recap: Top Plays, MVP & MVT

By Yue Lynn on Feb 7, 2018

Image Credit: Overwatch League
Image Credit: Overwatch League

The stage is heating up as we’re nearing Stage 1’s title matches and the end of Stage 1! Now before I overextend by ignoring the payload, let’s focus back on what happened last week. London Spitfire and New York Excelsior (NYXL) roared past their competitors with 7 games won each. Spitfire succeeded in winning all their matches against Seoul Dynasty (it was their fatal mistake to bench Ryujehong on such a monumental match-up) and Shanghai Dragons, ending the week with an impressive 8-0.

NYXL would have an 8-0 winning streak too if they aren’t cocky and ended up giving a match to Dallas Fuel; NYXL rolled the Dragons with a clean sweep. And in a surprising twist of fate, Boston Uprising lived up to their namesake, by wracking up wins against Los Angeles Gladiators and Los Angeles Valiant (a surprise) and equalizing with London Spitfire for an 8-0 streak. Despite losing to two other Korean teams, The Dynasty manage to salvage whatever that’s left by defeating the Houston Outlaws in a hard-fought 3-2 battle!

The standings after last week's games.
The standings after last week's games.

Top Plays in Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 4

JjoNak Is NYXL's 3rd DPS

Fleta’s 4K Hard Carry On Widowmaker

Pine's Well-timed Pulse Bomb

DreamKazper’s Graviton Surge Reflect

Fleta's Point-saving Rocket Barrage

Zunba's Zarya Destroys Houston Outlaws

Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 4 MVP & MVT

MVP: Fleta and DreamKazper

Seoul Dynasty had a rough week but one player who had a more rougher week was Fleta. The amount of pressure he had as the DPS to make picks against Spitfire and Outlaws was ginormous but while some crumbled under pressure, Fleta showed up and make the best out of the situation he’s in by wracking up kills consistently with his Widowmaker and Pharah plays.

I may not include DreamKazper’s Dragonblades in this post (‘cause you knew how the scene would play out anyway) but one gotta admit that DreamKazper had been doing the hard carry for Boston Uprising last week. His DPS-ing was phenomenal and clutch. Clearly this player might have just reach peak performance.

MVT: London Spitfire and Boston Uprising

The only similarity shared by both teams was their 8-0 clean sweep. London Spitfire showed everyone which (Korean) team is the best in the Overwatch League when they toppled The (Lost) Dynasty while Uprising pulled a massive upset when they crush the two popular Los Angeles teams with a 4-0 score, each. I don’t need to explain further as their stats and performances spoke volumes.

Last but not the least, the match-up between Seoul Dynasty and Houston Outlaws was a thrill to watch. Especially Zunba’s Zarya play in the last match!

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