Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 1: Top Plays

By Yue Lynn on Jan 17, 2018

Photo Credit: Overwatch League
Photo Credit: Overwatch League

Some of the human beings in Gamehubs are big Overwatch fans so that means we’ll publish a weekly article that details what we think are the Top 5 Plays from the previous week’s league matches! Additionally, Kurtis and I will also be including an MVP section in the article whereby we write about which team and player that we’ve separately chosen to be the coveted Most Valuable Player (MVP) and MVT (Most Valuable Team) of the week.

Without further ado, let’s get this payload rollin’!

Here are our Top Plays For Stage 1: Week 1:

Special Mention:

Kurtis’s Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 1’s MVP & MVT

MVT: London Spitfire, Seoul Dynasty and New York Excelsior

It is hard to choose one team to be the most valuable team since it is only the first week of Overwatch League and only two games have been played by every team. Yes, it’s all Korean teams, but they are undeniably strong in week 1 of Overwatch League. All 3 of these teams showed great adaptability towards their respective opponents while putting their outstanding team chemistry on show.

Majority of Seoul Dynasty players are from the first Korean team to take part in the first Overwatch World Cup. If you have watched the Korean team played during Overwatch World Cup 2016, then you should know what they are capable of. Too bad EscA is no longer an Overwatch pro player, but his replacement, Fleta is a force to be reckoned with as well.

London Spitfire is the most feared team in Overwatch League. Their roster is a combination of two Korean monster teams, Overwatch Apex Season 4 champions, GC Busan, and second runner-up, Cloud9 KongDoo. The pairing of their DPS players, Profit and Birdring is absolutely monstrous. With their stacked hero pool, London Spitfire has the strongest DPS players in the entire league at the moment.

Even though London Spitfire has the strongest DPS players at the moment, New York Excelsior is closing in behind them. Saebyeolbe and Libero had great performance during both matches of the week, but their substitute player, Pine stole the spotlight, although he only played two games out of two series, and both games are in Ilios. I don’t know why NYXL decided not to let Pine continue playing despite his stellar performance. If he sees more playtime, then NYXL could be the team with the best DPS players.

MVP: Pine, New York Excelsior

Even though he only played two games, it is undoubtedly that Pine is the MVP of the week. The man is a walking highlight reel. He played only McCree in both of his games and he tore the enemy team apart with his precise headshots, he might have already created the play of the season!   

Yue Lynn’s Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 1’s MVP & MVT

MVT: Seoul Dynasty

Week 1 was filled with fantastic plays (especially from the Holy Trinity of Korean teams and Los Angeles Valiant) and upsets (*coughs* Dallas Fuel *coughs*) but one can’t deny the power and skills shown by Seoul Dynasty. Ryujehong playing as Mei for Junkertown’s first point attack was unexpectedly clever. And then, you have Fleta; whether he’s playing as Pharah or Widowmaker, he’s on fire. Though sometimes, their gameplay can be a little bit shaky, this team has more often than not operating at peak performance levels by proving themselves to be the team everyone should watch out for.

MVP: Pine (NYXL)

If there’s a throne in Overwatch League, Pine would be sitting on it as the rightful King because almost every single time he played, he was fragging out, shutting down his opponents effectively, especially with his Peacekeeper and Widow’s Kiss. His McCree gameplay was a sight to behold and in the ‘cameo appearances’ he made for NYXL, the games looked like they were a 1 versus 5 or 6 situation. I won’t be surprised if opposing teams will plant a bullseye on Pine, targeting him in future games as their ‘first pick’ over Mercy.

Special Mention goes to NYXL’s JJoNak for being the offensive DPS Zenyatta we all needed, wracking up a big amount of damage and surpassing his DPS teammates in terms of damage output.

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