Overwatch latest character Orisa has a release date for live servers

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 15, 2017

Questions on when will Orisa make her way to live servers has been answered by Blizzard with a new hero preview of Orisa which also features a behind the scene of how Orisa was made and the inspirations behind her design. At the end of the video, a release date for Orisa on live servers was also announced.

Overwatch is all about being soldiers, scientists, going on adventures and oddities, but Orisa pushes the boundaries of what the Overwatch world can be, which is why the Overwatch team loves her so much.

Overwatch Game Director, Jeff Kaplan mentioned that the team has always been wanting to introduce a new anchor tank in the game. As of now, Reinhardt is the one and only anchor tank, and it has been like this since the launch of Overwatch.

Kaplan also stated that Orisa was already well-designed even as early as her prototype stages. The inspiration for her visual design spawned from the idea of wanting to create an African mech that comes from Numbani, one of the more futuristic cities where omnics and humans live together harmoniously in Overwatch. Some of the traits of Africa were also added to Orisa’s design where she has a curve-shaped horns, and her colors are green, yellow as well as the earth color tone. Furthermore, the team also wanted to produce a Quadruped mech hero since the Omnic Crisis features tons of robots with 3 and more legs.

The Overwatch team tested the ideas for Orisa’s kit by changing Zarya’s weapon into a Bastion sentry gun and also a mixture of other heroes’ abilities. “It was a combination of cobbled together parts, but it was instantly fun, and that’s how we knew we were on to a good hero,” Kaplan commented. He also added that Orisa serves a unique role in Overwatch with her diversified skillsets. “I think she’s a core character in the Overwatch line-up in terms of gameplay mechanics and functionality.”

Orisa will be arriving the live servers at March 21, 2017 (most probably March 22 in SEA), and be sure learn her gameplay mechanics before jumping into competitive with her and getting flamed by teammates. I do hope that she doesn't bring her PTR bug along though.

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