Overwatch Is Rolling Out Its New Hero: Hammond the Hamster

By Intan Mawarni on Jun 29, 2018


Watch out for the hamster ball!
Watch out for the hamster ball!

Overwatch is no stranger to having diverse and quirky heroes. This time around, Jeff Kaplan and the Overwatch team announced its latest hero in the game known as Wrecking Ball, the hamster in a deadly giant hamster ball mech. Hammond’s arrival marks as the second Overwatch hero this year along with the support-tank hybrid, Brigitte.

While the jetpack cat never took off from its initial concept, Wrecking Ball was in a part of many experiments that went down in Horizon Lunar Colony including Overwatch’s bright and agile gorilla Winston. As a matter of fact, both Winston and Hammond are best friends. When the apes went berserk on the human scientists and took control of the colony base, Winston was not the only animal who escaped from the colony. Unbeknownst to Winston, Hammond managed to build a make-do capsule and sneakily escaped in Winston’s aircraft.

As the shuttle hit into earth’s atmosphere, Winston and Hammond were separated as the intelligent hamster landed at Junkertown, home to shady scavengers and the Queen of Junkertown. To survive in the harsh Australian outback, Wrecking Ball worked its way through the ranks from contender to champion in mech brawl arena of the Scrapyard. The accumulated earnings allowed Hammond to upgrade its clunky capsule to sturdy rolling tank.

According to the Blizzard’s description, Wrecking Ball is “a resourceful tinkerer with remarkable mechanic skills rolling around the world seeking out his next challenge to overcome.” Hammond is rolling out as the new Tank hero in the iron-clad mech fitted with rapid-fire quad cannons and adaptive shield. Let’s take a closer look at Wrecking Ball’s abilities:

Quad Cannons

The mech is equipped with high-firing rate automatic assault weapons


A hamster in a rolling ball to increase its maximum speed.

Grappling Claw 

Hammond is doing its own fast interpretation of the song with the same name by Miley Cyrus. This ability enables the mech to reach high speed and knockback enemies.

Adaptive Shield

Adds a temporary shield to the mech. The amount of shield increases when there are nearby enemies


Smash into the ground and launch enemies upward in the air


Wrecking Ball’s ultimate ability. Deploys multiple proximity mines on the ground, which deliver high damage for those who unfortunately trigger them.

Wrecking Ball is certainly a formidable sixth Overwatch’s tank hero in the makings. Hammond is now rolling into the PTR mode starting today. After countless teasers, are you excited to play Overwatch’s latest hero? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, as well as YouTube for more gaming news.

GIFS are courtesy of PCGamer and Wrecking Ball’s screenshots are from Blizzard.

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