Overwatch anniversary event is confirmed thanks to Xbox Achievements leak

By Kurtis Chan on May 11, 2017

Blizzard will not be happy about what just happened with Microsoft and Xbox, again! A new Overwatch achievement in Xbox was just leaked and it confirms that a new event will be coming to Overwatch, celebrating the game's 1st birthday. This is not the first time that an event was leaked courtesy of Microsoft and Xbox as they previously leaked the Uprising event and several skins.

Here is the description of the Overwatch achievement in Xbox:

"Celebrate Overwatch's anniversary with a batch of commemorative treats for your heroes during a new event: Overwatch® Anniversary! Kick off the celebration with a bang by picking up Anniversary Loot Boxes*. Every Loot Box contains up to four cosmetic items, including at least one Anniversary Skin, Spray, Highlight Intro, Emote, Victory Pose, Player Icon, or Voice Line. More than 100 Anniversary goodies are waiting for you! If your Anniversary Loot Box contains an item that is already in your collection, you will instead receive in-game Credits that you can use to acquire many customization options. *Anniversary Loot Boxes are available to purchase or earn in-game until June 5, 2017."

As mentioned above, the event will end on June 5, 2017, and every event thus far has an on-going period of 3 weeks. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the event is most likely to start on May 16, since it is a Tuesday and Overwatch updates generally happens on Tuesdays.

Besides the leak, Blizzard has also hinted at the event with some indirect confirmations. Firstly, the Overwatch PTR testing for patch 1.11 has been closed, which means that it will be hitting the live servers very soon. Secondly, in response to a Twitter user on his question about when will the event begin, Blizzard did not deny that a event will be arriving in Overwatch, but answering that timing details for the event has not been set yet.

Based on the previous datamined files, many heroes will be receiving new items and there is most probably going to be a new game mode for it. Which hero do you want to see getting a new cosmetic item? And what kind of game mode do you want to see introduced in the event? Let us know!

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