Overwatch adds much needed report button for console players

By Dale Bashir on Aug 30, 2017

Players of console Overwatch can now rejoice as they are finally able to report their fellow players over bad behaviours, harassment, cheating and other sorts of annoyances that might plague the servers. This welcome addition to the game only came a year after the game's release. Within the year there have been a number of toxic players in the console games with no way for fair playing individuals to report their grievances to the Overwatch team other than through an email or two, which was tedious and doesn't get as much attention. 

Via Kotaku Australia
Via Kotaku Australia

Now players on XBox One and PS4 can get the luxury that PC players have been having for a while now, which comes in the new Patch 1.14. This came just in time for the start of Overwatch's competitive Season 6. Read more of the game's many changes to the game for Season 6 right here. Hopefully, this will bring more prosperity in the console Overwatch community.

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